Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New interview: Joel Gretsch

Fancast has a new interview with Joel Gretsch, who plays Father Jack. Here is a part of it:

Erica, Georgie, Ryan and Father Jack – these are the four people that are going to save the world?
What a resistance team, huh? Hey, it’s a start. But we have a lot to do, that’s for sure.

Is Ryan quick to reveal his true V self, or does he tuck that information away for a later time?
We ended the last episode sitting around and talking, and that’s where we pick it up. But yeah, there is a lot to deal with – and thank goodness everyone is coming with different kinds of information. Ryan brings a lot to the table.

Father Jack has proven to be a bit of an action-hero priest. Why is he so vested in this cause?
What I love about Father Jack is that he has strong beliefs, and right from the get go he has been questioning of the V’s. He feels like he is protecting a lot – not just peoples’ relationships to God, but also we see now their lives. So the stakes are high.

Might he have some unique resources to tap into as the series goes on?
Absolutely. The one thing you get wind of tonight is Father Jack’s past, and it’s more complex than what meets the eye. Before he showed up at this congregation, he had a past that will be informative to where he’s going.

In the real world, has the Catholic Church ever expressed a stance on extraterrestrial life?
I don’t know. What do you think?

Read the rest of the interview at Fancast.com.

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