Saturday, 9 January 2010

Three new casting calls

SpoilerTV has posted three new casting calls for recurring characters. From the descriptions, these could refer to the same characters as the casting calls posted the other day.

[MICHAEL KNOX] Male... 30-40. Tall. Irish-American born and raised in Hells Kitchen. Former Westies gang member. Attractive and cunning. Ex-Navy with skills. Well-traveled. Well-connected. Super intellect. Morally ambiguous. Recurring Guest Star.

[ROGER BROWN] Male. Late 30s - Mid 40s... Tall. Blue collar. Works with his hands. Recovering alcoholic whose sobriety is threatened as his life is upended by the arrival of the Vs. Recurring Guest Star. Two Episodes (104, 105) possibly more.

[DR. JANET LANE] Late 20s/30's... OB/GYN. Intelligent. Straight forward manner. Strong moral center but willing to break the law for what she believes in. Recurring Guest Star. Ep#104 possibly more.

From: SpoilerTV

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